16 September 2022

  I promised to make some major changes three years ago, but I haven't done that yet. I really need to do a comercial site for my books. I'm still waiting for a cover on my second book. My granddaughter is doing the cover, but she's taking her time. .The richardbush.com will be for my books and the richardbush.net will be for personal use. I know promises, promises.

26 July 2019

 I again didn't update this for a long time since DreamWeaver disabled my paid for program so they could try to rob me monthly with a subscription program. Now I'm using Microsoft Expressions which is actually not bad and I can keep this up again! Actually major changes are coming since I'm splitting this into two websites, one featuring my books and comercial interests, and this one for personal and family use.

17 June, 2012

With computer changes etc. I haven't updated this for a while. I have student pictures up for the 2008-09 and 2009-10 years I'm behind two years now. I've got to put them up.

9 August, 2008

The 2007-2008 student pictures are up and you can find them in the picture link at right below the fold or here

31 July, 2008

Okay I haven't published the 2007-2008 student pictures yet., but I have done a redesign of the site layout. I saved the other home page here and put the blog up as the new home page.

27 March, 2006

This is like a blog but since I have one down below, it's really not. I can do some mini-updates, I guess, like this one. I guess we could call this blog-like? For a real one scroll down. or go here.

June 28, 2005

Well the new design is finished. I like it, but it was a lot of work. I hope it is bug free because I took down the old site completely and started fresh. We'll see.


About Richard

Richard Bush is a sixty-eight year old retired teacher of math. He retired in Nevada, but spent the next seven years teaching in Arizona--working on a second retirement, He was married to his first wife (now deceased) for forty-three years. He's now married to his second wife and lives and writes in San Tan Valley Arizona

His oldest son is forty-eight. He teaches Art at Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas and is a track coach at Moapa Valley High School in Moapa Valley NV. His wife is now teaching at Bowler Elementary School in Moapa Valley NV and they have Richard's fourth granddaughter and second,  fourth , and eighth grandson.

Richard's second son is forty-seven and married since August 1999. He is teaching Spanish at Sierra Vista High School. They have two daughters, Richard's second and fifth granddaughters and a son, Richard's sixth grandchild and first grandson.

Richard's daughter is forty-three and also married since August 1998. She has two daughters, Richard's first and third granddaughters, and a son the third grandson.

The third son is thirty-eight years old and teaches Physics online. He lives in Logandale Nevada and has one daughter, Richard's sixth granddaughter.

The youngest is thirty-six years old and is teaching English online to Chinese students. He is married to a scientist who works in a hospital and has three sons.

Richard likes to read and write science fiction he has published One novel and some computer articles in a few small magazines.)

Other interests include conservative politics, science, shooting guns, hand-loading ammunition for those guns, gardening, and fishing (which he doesn't find time to do very often.)



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